About us

Founded in 2012 and arose from the need to give every woman the opportunity to create her own unique bag, belt and shoes.
MY OWN STYLE is a premium online retail concept based on matching and customizing accessories, shoes and bags. Finding matching accessories such as shoes, bags and belts is a challenge for every woman. Not with MY OWN STYLE you can create and match all your accessories!
Start creating, by selecting your favorite model, choose the color and the finishing!

A Perfect set that creates the ultimate exclusive look for just about any occasion: in the office, to a business dinner, dancing the night away or for a perfect holiday.

And all of this for an attractive price for both the customized collection as the shop items. We already have many happy woman with their own styled sets, but if you are not happy with your set after receiving it, no worries we will refund you the total purchase amount.
Did you find your favorite model, perfect! All models will stay in the collection! Hope to see you back soon!
The founders and creators of MY OWN STYLE  are Jacqueline Kreeft and Karlijn van der List.